Mitsubishi Corporation Technos engages in business in a broad range of sectors to effectively respond to diverse needs. Dividing our widespread operations into specialized divisions allows us to propose optimal solutions.

Our Business

We offer optimal solutions as a professional in providing manufacturing support.
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New/Overseas Business

We make wide-ranging proposals to our customers—everything from new technology to rental options—in areas such as additive manufacturing for bringing innovative changes to manufacturing sites, industrial IoT for visualizing the operating situation at production sites, and rental of used machine tools to cope with short delivery periods and short-term needs. We also make optimal proposals to suit customer needs, such as solutions tailored to local conditions, through our overseas offices and the overseas network of the Mitsubishi Corporation Group.
・New Business
・Overseas Business
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Business Divisions

We propose production processes and equipment optimal for each industry, including the die/mold and sheet metal industry, often regarded as the foundation of manufacturing; industries closely connected to our daily lives like general electrical appliances, construction machinery, aircraft, and railcars; the automobile industry that continues to technically innovate and lead the world; and the clean energy and energy conservation (LED) industry that is essential for modern society.
・Industrial Mechatronics Division
・Industrial Machinery Division
・Manufacturing Equipment and Machinery Division
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