Mitsubishi Corporation Technos was founded in July 1971 as a trading company specializing in the sale of machine tools. We later broadened our field of business beyond machine tools to assembly/automation lines, robots, conveyance systems, washing machines, painting systems, measuring/inspection systems, and other plant equipment, clean energy and environmental equipment, and other industrial machinery. In fiscal 2021, we will mark our 50th anniversary. We have only come this far thanks to the support and cooperation of our customers and partners, and we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude.

In recent years, we have seen dramatic and rapid changes in the business environment, and our customers and partners in manufacturing industries and industrial machinery are constantly innovating and developing in response to these changes. We at Mitsubishi Corporation Technos constantly track the needs of our customers and suppliers as they respond to such environmental changes, assess changes in the functions expected of our company, and challenge to provide optimal solutions. Going beyond mere proposal of equipment, facilities and other hardware, we provide one-stop solutions with high added value to our customers by offering "soft" capabilities meeting the needs of the times. Examples include contract manufacturing of dies/parts, rental of used machine tools, new production technologies like 3D printing, process design, materials/equipment procurement, financial consulting, and support for "factory visualization" through the introduction of IoT.

Although the global market for machine tools and industrial machinery swings up and down with the business cycle, needs are steadily increasing due to the shift to high-diversity low-volume production, shorter delivery periods, and automation to cope with labor shortages. Thus the industry appears poised for long-term growth. Against that backdrop, many equipment users, manufacturers and sales companies are pursuing globalization, and competition in the global market has become fierce.

Both in Japan and overseas, we aim to continue our role as an "A Strategic Partner in the World of Manufacturing," always being needed and trusted by our customers and partners. To achieve that, we will develop talented personnel capable of meeting challenges at the front line of manufacturing, reinforce our functions as a company while acquiring new capabilities to add value, and work as a company-wide team to meet the needs of customers, partners, and the market. We hope we can count on your continued support and patronage as we move forward.

Tomoki Yoda, President
Mitsubishi Corporation Technos