The activities of Mitsubishi Corporation Technos are supported by the expectations and trust of society at large, and to create a better social environment, we strive to offer services that provide new value to society.We will do our best too continually contribute to society through our business activities —so we can fulfill our corporate social responsibility in all areas, including social awareness and conservation of the global environment, and ensure the society we live in can coexist with nature and develop in a sustainable fashion.

Environmental Policy/Activities

We recognize that preserving the global environment is a key issue shared by all humankind. We strive to take environmental impact into account in sales of all products our company handles, as well as in maintenance and other business activities. We promote environmental protection through the following plan of action.

Environmental Policy of Mitsubishi Corporation Technos

1. Continual improvement of our environmental management system

We shall work hard to continually improve our environmental management system by accurately grasping the environmental impact of our business activities, promoting proper management, and conducting regular review.

2. Compliance with environmental laws, regulations, etc.

We shall comply with environmental laws and regulations pertaining to our business activities, and with any other requirements we have agreed to.

3. Reducing industrial waste

We shall work hard to reduce industrial waste produced through our business activities.

4. Sale of environmentally-friendly products

We shall promote the sale of environmentally-friendly products to help realize a recycling-oriented society.

5. Energy conservation and effective utilization of resources

In using electricity and paper resources like office paper in our business activities, we shall promote energy conservation and effective utilization of resources, and work to improve the environment of society.

October 1, 2017