Company Name Mitsubishi Corporation Technos
Establishment July 12, 1971
Representative Tomoki Yoda, President
Capital 600 million yen
Shareholder Mitsubishi Corporation
Offices 14 in Japan, 6 overseas
Consolidated sales 48.6 billion yen (Fiscal year end of March 2021)
Employees 319 (as of November 1, 2021)
Business Description
  1. Sale of machinery and equipment for factories mainly in the field of metal machining tools, in the form of stand-alone units or integrated systems
  2. Sale of automated machinery and equipment for factories, including those for design, inspection, measuring, assembly and conveyance, in the form of stand-alone units or integrated systems
  3. IT-related customization (solar battery/secondary battery production equipment, electronic component manufacturing equipment, FPD machining lines, car electronics precision assembly systems)
  4. Sale of energy-saving/environmental equipment
  5. Business of automated steric storage and distribution warehouse systems
  6. Construction and consultation business for food plants, logistic and distribution systems, and general industrial plants
  7. Sale of molds
  8. Businesses related to the above:
    1. 1) Exporting/importing
    2. 2) Sale of ancillary facilities
    3. 3) Installation, repair, remodeling and overhaul
    4. 4) Subcontract machining
    5. 5) Equipment financing support

Board of Directors

President & CEO Tomoki Yoda
Executive Vice President Yasuhiro Takeda Corporate Functional Division
Chief Compliance Officer
Member of the Board
Junichi Nishimura General Manager of Sales and Marketing Group
and Overseas Operations
Manufacturing Equipment and Machinery Division
Member of the Board
Shoichi Yoshida Corporate Strategy
General Manager, Corporate Planning Department
Member of the Board
Member of the Board Isao Takakuwa General Manager, Osaka Branch
Member of the Board Satoshi Sato (Division COO, Industrial Machinery Division, Mitsubishi Corporation)
Hirofumi Yasuhara (General Manager, Operation & Solution Department, Industrial Machinery Division,
Mitsubishi Corporation)
Corporate Auditor Michio Okuda
Corporate Auditor Masataka Kinoshita (Senior Manager, Machinery Business Team, Industrial Infrastructure Administration Department, Mitsubishi Corporation)
Senior Vice President Fumio Arima Industrial Machinery Division
General Manager, Nagoya Branch
Keiji Somada Manufacturing Solution
Akira Hayashi Industrial Mechatronics Division
(as of June 24, 2021)

ISO 14001 Certification

Registration number JSAE1240
Date of certification July 28, 2006
Scope of certification Head Office, Osaka Branch Office, Nagoya Branch Office, Kitakanto Branch Office, Atsugi Branch Office, Kobe Branch Office, Okayama Branch Office, Kyushu Branch Office, Tohoku Office, Fuji Office, Hamamatsu Office, Hiroshima Office, Nagasaki Office, Tokyo Customer Experience Center

JIS Q 9100 Certification

Registration number A4172
Date of certification March 18, 2010
Certified organization Industrial Machinery Department (Aviation & Space),Nagoya Branch Office