Industrial Mechatronics Division

As a team of professionals in the die/mold and sheet-metal fields, the Industrial Mechatronics Division proposes systems that satisfy customer needs and provides total solutions that integrate various plant facilities for high productivity and high quality.


Mold facilities: NC Wire-Cut EDM machines; machining centers and milling machines; NC and general-purpose lathes and combined machines; grinding machines; etc.
Sheet-metal facilities: Laser cutting machines; electron beam machines; turret punch presses and combined machines; press brakes; etc.
General plant facilities: Welding machines; CAD/CAM equipment; measuring instruments; painting machines; etc.

Industrial Machinery Division

As a global partner, the Industrial Machinery Division supports the manufacturing needs of customers not only in Japan but also throughout the world with its advanced expertise in key industrial machinery and cross-industrial network. It contributes to society by providing industrial machinery that are a close part of our lives, such as mining and construction machines; agricultural machines; engines for ships, airplanes, aircraft, and rockets; rail cars; motors; elevating machines; electric control technology products; and industrial equipment.


Large and ultra-large machine tools; Forming machines; measuring instruments; dedicated processing and assembly machines; automated and unmanned systems; energy-saving and plant environment conservation facilities; cutting and welding facilities; heat treatment equipment; painting facilities; in-plant cranes; edible oil & fat processing equipment; etc.

Manufacturing Equipment and Machinery Division

The automotive and motorcycle industries have continued to lead the world with ceaseless technological innovations.
Over many years, the Manufacturing Equipment and Machinery Division has also polished its expertise in these industries by accumulating significant achievements in conjunction with leading players in the industry. Based on this experience, it takes a comprehensive perspective in proposing specific solutions that go beyond conventional trading firm functions.
Backed by an abundant record of delivering machining, assembly, transport and inspection facilities, the division proposes and provides optimal production processes and facilities in response to customer needs.


<Automotive・Motorcycle Industry>

Cutting and grinding machines; forging, casting and heat treatment facilities; washing equipment; welding and painting facilities; jigs; assembly equipment; transport equipment; testing, inspection and measuring equipment; dedicated design facilities; facilities for assembly and inspection of motors and secondary car batteries; energy-saving and plant environment conservation facilities; etc.

<Clean Energy・LED Industry>

Crystal machining lines; glass processing machines; assembly and conveyance lines; store distribution equipment; beverage filling lines; food machines; printing machines; recycling facilities; automated warehouses; water treatment facilities; precision washing equipment; grease and soap production facilities; food container recycling facilities; etc.