Example of the Products We Provide

Our role in the Food, Oils/Fats and Soap Industry

Together with our overseas partners, we provide technology and equipment with high added value to customers who manufacture edible oils and oil meal for food products and feed—products making maximal use of the "plant power" of oil and fat materials amidst growing health consciousness worldwide.
[Main department in charge: Industrial Machinery Division]

[Edible Oil & Fat processing equipment]

  • Oil Expeller

Main Products

Edible Oil and Fat processing equipment

We import various facilities and equipment from the De Smet Ballestra Group, one of the world' s largest comprehensive engineering companies specializing in edible oil and fat processing, and deliver them to our customers in Japan. The facilities and equipment we import include oil mills, oil and fat extractors, decolorization and deodorization plants, and oil and fat separators.