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Our Role in the Energy Industry

Electric power, which forms the foundation of our lives and industries, is produced from such resources as geothermal heat, water, wind, and nuclear energy. High-temperature media (combustion gas, steam) released from these energy sources drive gas turbines and steam turbines and ultimately produce electric power. As the combustion temperature of turbines is extremely high, highly advanced technologies are required in the development of materials and in the cooling of turbines.
By supporting manufacturing processes in the energy industry, Mitsubishi Corporation Technos aims to contribute to enriching society.
[Main department in charge : Industrial Machinery Division]

Engine turbine blades and other parts that have complex shapes are machined using 5-axis machining centers, Combined machines and various other machine tools.

  • combined machines

  • 5-axis machining center

Engine turbine rotors are machined using Side-entry wing grooving machines and various other machine tools.

Side-entry wing grooving machines

Main Products

Products for the Energy Industry
(Machining Facilities for Compressors, Turbines and Combustors)

Large dedicated machines (NC lathes, vertical NC lathes, chain broaching machines, disk coupling grinding machines, side entry wing grooving machines, turbine rotor lathes); machining centers (vertical, horizontal, 5-axis); boring mills; roll grinding machines; wire-cut and Sinker EDM machines; EDM Hole-poppers; laser cutting machines; 3D measuring instruments; etc.

  • Sinker EDM machine

  • 5-axis machining center